• Antibacterial Concentrated Washing-up Liquid
  • 1.Foam-rich, clean greasy effectiviely
    2.Has excellent washing power and rich foam
    3.It is powerful and effective especially for removing oily dirt
    4.An advanced washing-up liquid containing a vegetable component and protecting hands from being rough
  • New Scented Fabric Freshener
  • 1.Eliminates odors safely on fabrics.
    2.Can use this in carpets, clothing, draperies, furnitures etc.
    3.And make your fabirc and carpet with real fresh.
    4.Non-toxic, non-irritating to skin, lungs, or eyes
  • Fabric Wrinkle Releaser Spray
  • 1.Eliminate creases in folded clothes.
    2.Reduce static cling.
    3.Freshen musty clothes.
    4.Perfect for many household items like napkins, linens, tablecloths and curtains after theyve been stored away.
    5.Great for times when ironing is impractical.
  • Clothing-care Fabric Softener
  • Pass GMPC
    High-foam, fresh and long-lasting fragrance
    Available in different scents and colors
    Low-toxic, non-harmful to the skin and fabric
    Superior decontamination capability without damaging the color
    No phosphorus
    Measure with cap: line 1 for no