Eco-Friendly Washing-up Liquid

  • Foam-rich, clean greasy effectiviely
  • Has excellent washing power and rich foam
  • It is powerful and effective especially for removing oily dirt
  • An advanced washing-up liquid containing a vegetable component  and protecting hands from being rough

Function: Remove the residual pesticide effectively,Easy to rinse, pleasant and fragrant smell, protect the elasticity of the skin

HS Code:
Volume: 500Ml
Package: 20 pieces per carton
Size: 32.6*33.6*20.7CM
Capatity: 0.023cbm
G.W.: 12.5kg
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Strongly clean ,gentle,eco-friendly,fragrance,antibacterial


Main active ingredients

Softened water, Surface active agent, Food flavor



Strong removable of oil pollution, Ultra efficient & clean.

Natural aloe essence, moisturizing & mild with no hurt to the hands. Easy wash & clean the

vegetables & fruits with no detergent residue. A green product with non-phosphorus

Method of Use

Add a few drops into the water and input the tableware, fruits &vegetables for soaking. Then rinse off with clean water. Or it is better to drop in the rag to directly

rub the tableware, kitchen utensils and other hard surfaces, then rinse off with clean water.



Please put it in the places out of reach of children. And if mistakenly swollen, call a physician immediately.